Adagio I

24 pages
21 cm x 30 cm
edition of 50

In Adagio, a single photo is split in a sequence of its parts, displayed in a book and photos on the wall. Till now, I have realized three projects, with new ones to follow over time. The books read as a score in which a moment is captured, delayed, prolonged, atomised and reconstructed. They invite the viewer to take a closer look and question some of the presumed characteristics of photography. Adagio 1 depicts a scene at the shore. Adagio 2 takes place at an ancient, rural site. Adagio 3 traces a backyard in a winterly city.

Installation view of Adagio I (right) at Graduation Show, KABK, Den Haag, 2008, with two siver gelatin prints (110 cm x 96 cm each), and the video work Vis-a-vis (left).